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Under Drive Lifting AMR--WS500

LiDAR SLAM Navigation + 500 Load

1. The Lidar SLAM autonomous navigation mode is adopted for rapid deployment. The equipment only needs to scan the environment to build a map and achieve accurate positioning of ± 10 mm.

2. The load weight can be up to 500Kg, and most of the goods can be transported by jacking, rotating.

3. The equipment adopts the modular design of the whole machine, which makes the assembly and maintenance more convenient.

4. The battery can last for more than 8 hours with full load, and the robot can automatically charge with low power (set the low power value according to the customer's requirements).

5. Cluster scheduling, in the robot control system, you can view the working status, electricity, location and other information of all robots at the same time, and schedule all devices through the system.

6. Equipped with lidar safety barrier avoidance, front contact anti-collision bar, left and right emergency stop buttons, multiple safety protection to protect equipment and cargo safety.

7. Automatic path planning, realize unmanned operation, staff only need to give instructions through the control terminal.

Basic specification Model WS500
Name Under Drive Lifting Robot
Dead weight 200KG(±5KG)
Load weight 500KG
length, width and height 1000× 760 × 290 mm
Jacking height 60mm
Navigation mode Lidar SLAM navigation
performance Driving mode Servo motor, two wheel differential drive
positioning accuracy ±5mm
Maximum running speed (no load) 1.7m/s
Operating speed (full load) 0.8m/s
Charging mode Automatic charging / offline charging optional
Endurance time ≥ 8H
Battery Battery type Lithium battery 48V
Battery capacity 40AH
Charging time 1.5~2H
Battery life 1500 cycles, capacity ≥ 80%
security Obstacle avoidance Lidar obstacle avoidance, contact anti-collision strip
Audible and visual alarm Support
Emergency stop switch Support, one on each side
Communication mode WiFi
Debug interface Interface is open

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