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Under Drive Lifting AMR:W500SL

INS + LiDAR SLAM Navigation + 500kg load

1. W500SL latent Lifting AGV is a LiDAR SLAM navigation and handling robot independently developed by Wellwit Robotics.

2. Equipped with LiDAR SLAM + inertial navigation, convenient deployment, flexible route and flexible obstacle avoidance.

3. The carrying capacity is 500kg

4. Intelligent power management: preset multi-level power threshold, and charge autonomously if it is lower than the threshold.

5. The product is based on LiDAR SLAM navigation, assisted by inertial navigation, with navigation accuracy of ± 10 mm

6. Cluster scheduling, in the robot control system, you can view the working status, electricity, location and other information of all robots at the same time. Dispatch and manage all equipment through the system.

7. Equipped with liDAR to avoid obstacles, front and rear contact anti-collision strips, left and right emergency stop buttons to protect equipment and goods Safety.


Basic parameters Name Latent lifting robot
Model W500SL
Rated load (kg) 500KG
Self-weight (kg) 220(±10KG)
Positioning accuracy (mm) ±5mm
Jacking height (mm) 60mm
Dimension (L * w * h) mm 980 * 700 * 425mm (excluding anti-collision strip)
Navigation mode Single LiDAR SLAM navigation
(Dual LiDAR is Optional)
performance Driving mode Double wheel differential drive
Form of motion Horizontal linear motion
No load maximum speed 1.7m/s
Full load operation speed 1m/s
Jacking time < 12s
Orientation accuracy ±0.5°
Battery Driving voltage (V) DC48V
Battery capacity 40AH
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate
Battery life 1500 cycles, capacity ≥ 80%
Endurance time ≥ 8h
Charging time ≤1.5h
Charging mode (optional) Off line charging / automatic charging
safety protection Anti collision mode Front and rear lidar obstacle avoidance
Front and rear anti-crash strips to avoid obstacles
Emergency stop Front and rear emergency stop buttons



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