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The positioning of Wellwit Robotics

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How much do you know about Shenzhen Wellwit Robotics Co., Ltd? Who are we? What are we doing? Who are our cooperative partners? Please read the following text for a detailed understanding.


In recent years, the mobile robot industry has gradually developed in China. Some new technologies are Incrementally replacing people's involvement in simple, heavy, and tedious work. GGII data shows that the potential of the mobile robot market will be continuously accelerated. The compound annual growth rate of the Chinese mobile robot market is projected to exceed 23.5% from 2020 to 2025, and the market size is expected to surpass 12 billion CNY by 2025. The mission of Wellwit Robotics is "Empowering intelligent manufacturing, driving industry upgrades." Our company has evolved from initially moving people to now handling material. We have transitioned from using QR codes to utilizing laser SLAM technology. Our scope of operations has expanded from e-commerce warehousing to industrial manufacturing. Additionally, we have extended our market presence from domestic to international markets. Throughout this journey, we have remained dedicated to deepening our research in the field of mobile robotics.


The reason why Wellwit Robotics can survive in the ever-changing market is primarily in its reorganization of the mindset. We are market-oriented and striving for the space in the industry through continuously exploring and adjusting ourselves to adapt the market development. Our vision has always been to "Make moving people and objects more easier" and empower industry development and accompany our customers towards success. We adhere to the belief of creating value for customers and society, and collaborate with top-notch partners to serve first-class customers.

Wellwit Robotics has been deeply rooted in the mobile robot industry for 8 years, customized industry-specific mobile robots for various sectors such as 3C, textiles, semiconductors, and e-commerce retail, and possessses a vast number of successful products and cases. Our philosophy is industry customization, collaborating with existing system integrators in various industries to develop industry-specific AMRs. Moreover, with an extensive range of AMR product series, we can offer customers a one-stop AMR solution, and eliminate the need for multiple suppliers for a same project. We provide ODM/OEM services and focus on product. We do not project implementation, thus customers need not worry about losing valuable clients.

Wellwit Robotics assists customers in achieving digital and intelligent industrial upgrades, and significantly improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing their competitiveness. We have deep industry expertise and specialized services and also have extensive experience in providing customized service for clients in various industries, and then forming a mature set of ideas. We assess different industries with diverse needs and adopt a collaborative approach with our clients to engage in custom development. By integrating our clients' industry expertise into the customization development process of AMR, we are able to create the desired AMR solutions what our customers want.We have established modular, standardized, and platform-based services to quickly address the diverse needs of our clients. Currently, most of our clients are concentrated in the industrial and logistics sectors, there are standard products that can be shared among clients from the same industries. For both standard and non-standard products, we prefer to customize according to the specific requirements of our clients so that we can create AMR solutions that meet their exact preferences.

In 2022, Wellwit Robotics successfully achieved its target revenue, and our clients base has also maintained steady growth. With the widespread adoption of intelligent manufacturing, the application of AMRs will continue to increase. In the future, there will be greater integration between the hands (collaborative robots), feet (mobile robots), and eyes (machine vision) of robots. Due to the maturity of various technologies and enhanced commercialization capabilities, the mobile robotics industry is expected to receive more opportunities in various fields.We also collaborate with other partners to focus on our core business in this area and adopt an open cooperation approach in terms of integration because custom-made AMRs for non-standard industries are precisely what Wellwit Robotics excels at. 

We will continue to deepen our expertise in AMRs. Abiding by our corporate values of "customer-centricity" and "employee-centeredness", We will leverage our technological and experiential advantages to accelerate automation, flexibility, and digitization upgrades and illuminate more intelligent factories in the world. We aspire to collaborate with leading enterprises in various industries and introduce the "Customized AGV/AMR, find Wellwit!" as our brand slogan in the global market.

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