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Wellwit Robotics Debuts at iREX 2023 in Japan, Displaying Unique Advantages

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Wellwit Robotics Debuts at iREX 2023 in Japan, Displaying Unique Advantages

We are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated 2023 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (iREX 2023)was successfully concluded on December 2nd at the International Exhibition Center. As one of the world's top exhibitions for robotics and automation technology, iREX gathered the leading robot companies and professionals from around the world. The exhibition featured approximately 654 exhibitors, with a total of 3,508 booths, and attracted over 140,000 visitors, making it the largest iREX to date.


The theme of this year's iREX was "Sustainable Societies Through Robotics," emphasizing the importance of robotics technology and solutions in achieving sustainable development goals. The exhibition provided a window into the latest advancements and future trends in robotics technology, serving as an ideal platform for industry exchange and collaboration.


Making its debut at iREX, Wellwit Robotics demonstrated its outstanding capabilities on this significant global stage, winning the favor of partners. Within the limited space, Wellwit Robotics showcased competitive robotic technologies and solutions, including innovative products such as Cobot robots, Under Drive Lifting robots, and Auto-forklifts.

As the largest AMR ODM/OEM manufacturer in the world, Wellwit Robotics focuses on intelligent logistics and intelligent factories, and is committed to providing customized services. Their AMR products received high praise from partners and ecosystem partners during the exhibition. Compared to similar products, the products from Wellwit Robotics feature high customization capabilities, allowing for industry-specific customization and branding according to clients' needs, providing customized services for various industries and enterprises. This further highlights the unique advantages as a Chinese AMR manufacturer and deepens visitors' understanding of the products.


Wellwit Robotics' founder and CEO, Henry Peng, stated, "We are honored to participate in this world-class robotics event and showcase our innovative technologies and products. Our main business is in OEM and customization. And we strive to integrate the world's highest-quality supply chain resources to customize satisfactory AMRs for global customers. We will continue to innovate and promote the progress and development of the mobile robot industry, and offer higher quality and smarter AMR products to meet diverse needs of our customers."

Through successfully participating in iREX, Wellwit Robotics has showcased itself on the international stage and laid a solid foundation for the company's international development. We will continue to work hard to optimize our products and services, working with partners to explore global markets and provide more advanced and efficient mobile robot technologies and solutions for customers.

5Let's look forward to meeting more like-minded friends at the next iREX exhibition, sharing experiences, progressing together, and jointly creating a bright future for the AGV/AMR industry!

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