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Successful Debut | Wellwit Robotics Shines at MODEX 2024 in the United States

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From March 11th to the 14th, 2024, at MODEX International Logistics Exhibition in Atlanta, USA,Shenzhen Wellwit Robotics Co., Ltd. showcased its profound accumulation and innovative capabilities in the field of mobile robots to the world with outstanding strength and visionary outlook. With booth number A13313e as the stage, Wellwit Robotics joined hands with industry colleagues worldwide to discuss the future.


Founded in 2015, Wellwit Roboticshas been committed to providing excellent mobile robot solutions for the global market. With 9 years of experience in non-standard customizationAGV/AMRand unique insights, we tailor solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. As one of the most professional AGV/AMR ODM & OEM manufacturers in China, we always adhere to the principles of "Quality first, Customer foremost, and Integrity-based", assisting enterprises in achieving more efficient operations with reasonable prices and reliable products.


At the MODEX exhibition, Wellwit Robotics showcased customer cases from various industries worldwide, demonstrating the wide application and outstanding performance of AMRs in logistics, warehousing, production, and the immense potential of intelligent logistics in improving enterprise operations, efficiency, and reducing costs. Our professional team actively shared industry trends and technological innovations with visitors, earning widespread acclaim and praise.


This exhibition not only provided Wellwit Robotics with an opportunity to exchange and learn from global peers but also deepened our understanding of market demands and competition in the international market. We will take this opportunity to further increase research and development efforts, improve product quality, and enhance service levels, providing customers worldwide with higher quality and more efficient mobile robot solutions.

Looking to the future, Wellwit Robotics will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, excellence, and service, constantly driving the development and application of mobile robot technology. We will work hand in hand with global partners to jointly create a new chapter in mobile robot solutions and contribute to the prosperous development of the manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics transportation industries.

Although the MODEX 2024 exhibition has come to a close, Wellwit Robotics' footsteps never stop. With even greater enthusiasm and unwavering belief, we will embrace future challenges and opportunities, create more value for global customers, and together write a brilliant chapter in the field of mobile robotics!

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