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Review of ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition

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2022 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition

    On August 15-18,2022, Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment                        Exhibition(ITES 2022) and the 23rd Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition were held in       Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan Venue). More than 2000 exhibitors gathered together        to exchange and spread new ideas of advanced manufacturing and promote industrial progress.


1000 + advanced industrial brand, 100 + annual new product launch

50 + forum in the same period, 300 + top flow industry giants

Stimulate new demand, exchange new technologies, and explore new opportunities


Create a satisfactory AGV/AMR! Wellwit Robotics appeared at the ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition as a global mobile robot solution provider. We focus on providing mobile robot product solutions for intelligent logistics and smart factories, assisting customers to achieve digital and intelligent industrial upgrading, and enhancing customers' brand competitiveness. 


 AMR Demonstration

In the display area, our laser SLAM latent jacking AMR trolley perfectly simulates the scene of the material handling site. Based on visual sensors and combined with laser SLAM navigation, this type of robot has the ability to accurately perceive the surrounding environment. It can not only avoid obstacles intelligently, but also move in full direction, and has 360 safety protection.Even if the scene environment changes in a certain range, it will not affect the normal operation of the robot.

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Wellwit Robotics provides full coverage of AMR and composite mobile robot solutions for many industries such as 3C, textile, semiconductor, e-commerce and retail, and has a large number of Excellent products and successful cases. Constantly upgrading products according to comprehensive feedback on problems found in continuous practice,we have developed the AMR solutions which can be suitable for a variety of industries.


"Customer-centered, striver-oriented" is the brand value that Wellwit Robotics always holds. From discovering demands to satisfying demands and finally creating them, we adhere to seeking breakthroughs in customer and our own multi-level demands, carrying out development innovation, creating value for partners and happiness for employees!


In the future, Wellwit Robotics will continue to deeply cultivate the industrial robot industry. Relying on the AMR technology platform and collaborating industry ecology, we will provide rapid delivery and standardized industrial robot solutions and  light up more smart factories around the world with the acceleration of automation, flexibility and digital upgrading!


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