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LiDAR SLAM Forklift AMR: WMF1000-L

LiDAR Navigation + 3D obstacle avoidance camera + 1000kg Load

High precision

Pallet recognition + Accurate handling

Flexible dispatching

Seamless access to dispatching system

Comprehensive defense

Obstacle avoidance laser+ Bumper bar + Range sensor+ 3D Camera -360 ºfree protection

Small dimension

Narrow aisles working with Short gyration radius

Good applicability

Ramp, gap, elevator, transfer, stacker


Genuine Laser SLAM

Simple to dispatch without reflectors


Specification Descriptions
Model WMF1000
Power unit Electrical
Operation Telecontrol/Laser navigation
Load capacity                                  Q <1400kg
Load center                                     c 600mm
Axle centre to fork face                   x 648mm
Wheel base(fork raised/lowered)     y 877mm
Weight (including battery) 680kg
Fork lowering minimum height 104mm
Axle load with load, drive/load side 730/1350kg
Axle load without load drive /load side 450/230kg
Tyre, operator/load side: Rubber(R),polyurethane(pu) Polyurethane
Tyre size ,driving side Φ230x75mm
Tyre size, load size Φ80x54mm
Tyre size, balancing side Φ115x55mm
Wheels number ,drive /load side (x=driven) 1x-2/4
Track width, drive side                  b10 390/500mm
Track width ,load side                   b11 538mm
Height of mast ,lowered               h1 2040mm
Lift height                                     h3 1600mm
Height of mast , extended            h4 2130mm
Fork height , lowered                    h5 85mm
Navigation height                        h6 2000mm
Charging port center height        h7 500mm
Overall length                              L1 1565mm
Length to fork face                      L2 426mm
Charging port center distance, front end of shelving                            L3 180mm
Overall width                               b1 882mm
Fork size(length/width/height)     l/e/s 1150/180/55mm
Width of fork (outside)              b3 560/680(note1)
Minimum ground clearance         m1 30mm
Aisle width, 1000x1200mm pallet crosswise                                      Ast 1885mm
Aisle width 800x1200mm pallet lengthwise                                    Ast 1685mm
Minimum turning radius               Wa 1130mm
Travel speed , with/without load 5/6km/h
Lift speed, with/without load 115/170mm/s
Lower speed ,with/without load 160/125mm/s
Climbing ability(S2,5min) , with/without load,5min.rating 3/5%
Service brake Electromagnetic
Drive motor output(S2,60min) 1.25kw
Lift motor output(S3,10%) 3kw
Turning motor output(S2,10min) 0.165kw
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery voltage/rated capacity(5h) 24v/180Ah
Battery weight 58kg
Type of drive control AC motor speed feedback
Noise that the driver heard according to EN12053 ≤70dB(A)



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