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Enable intelligent manufacturing, help industrial upgrading well intelligent robot to open up a new field - heavy duty AGV

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AGV, as a representative of modern intelligent logistics equipment, is widely used in all walks of life, and the future situation is also rising. With the development of AGV, various industries have put forward higher demand for it, which also promotes the upgrade of AGV. In order to better "carry" new tasks, heavy-duty AGV comes into being. Its development is a new revolution for modern heavy industry production and large equipment assembly.

As one of the early enterprises in the AGV industry, Jingzhi Robot is constantly iterating and upgrading AGV R&D and manufacturing technology to expand its product business scope while building standard equipment for intelligent warehousing and logistics. In the environment of increasingly high transportation requirements for large equipment and products, in order to adapt to more application scenarios, we independently developed Heavy-duty AGVs are fully online.

The heavy-duty AGV is a kind of mobile robot which is driven by the steering wheel and equipped with autonomous navigation device. It is equipped with high-power motor, reducer, radar, universal wheel, and omni-directional steering wheel to complete flexible operation, with vehicle braking, omni-directional movement, 360° safety protection, free path planning, online fast charging, multi-vehicle formation linkage and other functions, while multi-vehicle can be centralized scheduling management. The product is characterized by many degrees of freedom, large size and high bearing capacity. It can complete the transfer and equipment operation of some heavy objects. It can complete the task of handling heavy materials more accurately and flexibly, and assist customers to realize the digital and intelligent industrial upgrading.

In recent two years, with the expansion of the research scope of heavy-duty AGV application, many enterprises are constantly developing such products. However, there are great differences between heavy-duty AGVs and ordinary AGVs, and the design and development of heavy-duty AGVs are faced with higher technical requirements. The reason why the barriers of heavy duty AGVs are so high is nothing more than the technical difficulty and the high application threshold. For AGVs, the design structure and component procurement standards of heavy-duty AGVs are quite different from those of ordinary AGVs. When enterprises enter the field of heavy-duty AGVs, both the R&D of a full set of system equipment and the overall project planning are not small challenges. Moreover, the heavy duty AGVs are mainly used in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry, which is very careful about the selection of equipment, and it is difficult for the average enterprise to enter this field. However, despite the difficulties, well Wisdom robot is also overcoming all difficulties to strive for, finally successfully developed and designed for users to bring safe and reliable heavy-duty AGV, a good solution to the problem that ordinary AGV can only handle several hundred to one ton of weight, for the heavy-duty AGV industry or looking to enter the industry of enterprises, made an excellent demonstration.

Jingzhi Robot for some heavy machinery factory, special occupation, port, international airport, large voltage device factory, heavy vehicle factory and many other industries, to provide independent research and development and production of full coverage of heavy duty AGV solutions, our company has a large number of landing products and cases. In addition, multiple AGVs can be combined into a flexible production line, and the AGV handling route can be adjusted in time along with the adjustment of the production process, greatly improving the production flexibility. Through continuous practice and discovery of problems and integrated feedback optimization into the product, constantly iterating and upgrading the product, Well Intelligence Robot is honing heavy-duty AGV solutions suitable for more industries.

Of course, in addition to making up for the inability of ordinary AGVs to achieve heavy industrial automation layout, heavy-duty AGVs can also complete the original automation tasks of ordinary AGVs. In the most typical logistics and warehousing, the heavy-duty AGV of Jingzhirobot uses OMS, WMS, TMS and FMS to help customers realize digital and intelligent industrial upgrading. As shown in the figure WR5000DS, the load can reach up to 5000KG, the product positioning is accurate, the driving path is flexible, the roller load shifting is flexible, can be quickly deployed globally, suitable for a variety of field environment. At the same time, Jingzhi robot to provide customers with personalized customized services, we to "help customers to create satisfactory AGV/AMR" as the concept, the needs of various industry segments to do deep, do enough homework, develop to meet specific needs of the heavy duty AGV model, fully interpret the core advantages of Jingzhi robot, let customers feel the power of new technology!

Behind the continuous innovation of heavy-duty AGV, AGV reflects the excellent results achieved in the field of heavy industry, so as to get more and more customers' favor. Machine replacement not only solves the problem of many high-risk operations, but also saves the cost of manpower, coupled with the improvement of handling efficiency, in fact, it also reduces the cost of handling goods. In today's competitive market demand environment, enterprises can improve their competitiveness by adopting intelligent unmanned transport equipment.

"Customer-oriented, striver-based" is the brand value that Jingzhi robot always upholds. From finding demand to solving demand, from solving demand to creating demand, adhere to the customer needs and their own multi-level needs to find a breakthrough, development innovation, to create value for partners, create happiness for employees! Facing the future, Jingzhi Robot will deepen the digital and flexible development of the reassembly industry, continue to make efforts in intelligent production, intelligent products and intelligent services, optimize and improve the supply and demand docking efficiency of the reassembly industry, and contribute to the rapid development of intelligent robots in China. Through our joint efforts, we hope to light up more intelligent factories in the world.

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