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2023 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition | Wellwit Robotics: "Moving" Smart Manufacturing, Empowering the New Era of Intelligent Manufacturing!

Views: 0     Author: Wellwit Robotics     Publish Time: 2023-03-30      Origin: 井智机器人公众号

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Wellwit Robotics shines at the Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, exploring the field of mobile intelligent robotics

The 2023 ITES (Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition) attracted numerous famous enterprises to participate, which is one of China's important exhibitions for industrial intelligence and manufacturing equipment. Wellwit Robotics is a company that specializes in providing mobile robot solutions for intelligent logistics and factories. Our products cover multiple areas, including logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. At the exhibition, some technologies and products which is in the field of AGV/AMR are displayed, and attracted the attention of many visitors and customers. Besides, we also engaged in deep collaboration and exchange with other enterprises, which advanced our company's development in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


We adhere to market-oriented approach, serve industry customization as our breakthrough point and leverage the non-standard customization capability of AGV/AMR as the technological barrier. We have developed industry-specific AMR products through collaboration with existing system integrators in various sectors. With a strong team of technology researchers and a comprehensive after-sales service system, we are dedicated to providing customers with one-stop solutions.

Wellwit Robotics displays its latest AGV/AMR products, empowering factory automation upgrades

In the exhibition area, we presented the Under Drive Lifting AMR products which are intelligent, flexible, security, and high-efficiency and use the latest idears of technologies and innovative design. The core technologies like LiDAR SLAM navigation and intelligent cluster scheduling have already achieved the function on intelligentization and high-precision positioning and been widely applied in automated logistics and production in various fields such as logistics, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals etc. Additionally, we also possess multiple proprietary core robotic technologies and have implemented relevant commercial projects. Technologically, we have achieved automated solutions at the grassroots level for intelligent logistics.

Jingzhi exhibition scene 4
Jingzhi exhibition site 2
Jingzhi exhibition site 1

/ Product Display Area /

At the exhibition, Wellwit Robotics unveiled a brand-new collaborative robot called WAR100SL, which is a brand-new platform for collaborative robot. It integrates our 8 years of expertise and experience in AMR development and combines with the FR series robotic arm products from FAIRINO. It is a high-quality and competitive price composite robot hardware platform specifically designed for integrated solution providers.

With 8 years of extensive experience in the field of mobile robotics, we have developed a mature approach to custom development which enables us to provide personalized and tailored solutions to customers from various industries with different needs. We closely collaborate with our clients, adopting a co-development approach that combines their industry expertise with our robotics technology. This ensures that our customized AMR products align closely with our clients' expectations.

Jingzhi exhibition site 3

We will continue to focus on our core value of "Create a Satisfactory AGV/AMR" and concentrate on the areas of smart logistics and smart factories. We aim to provide comprehensive mobile robot product solutions that assist our customers to achieve automation, flexibility, and digitalization in their industrial upgrades. Moreover, we will enhance our technological research and development efforts, drive continuous innovation, explore broader applications in the field of logistics robots, and expand our market cooperation both domestic and international in order to provide better products and services and to light up more smart factories in the world, mutually promoting the progress and development of industrial robot technology, and achieving mutual benefits!

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