The “difficult recruitment” situation of logistics companies will exist for a long time. The introdu

Issuing time:2018-09-30 18:54

物流公司“招工难”的局面将长期存在 引入机器人缓解人员紧缺压力是一种选择.jpeg

Recently, the logistics industry in Shenzhen has experienced difficulty in recruiting. Major recruitment sites are full of advertisements for logistics companies. Is it because the economy has improved? Not necessarily.

As a traditional labor-intensive industry, the logistics industry has a particularly strong demand for young labor. Nowadays, a large part of the labor in the logistics industry is rural migrant workers who work in cities. Some people are no longer able to perform such tedious tasks of manual labor.

And the younger generations are mostly reluctant to engage in such industries, which has further exacerbated the difficulty of recruiting workers in the logistics industry. And in the past two years, salaries related to warehousing-related jobs have also gone up. Searching for warehousing-related jobs on, the salary has generally increased compared to last year.

Now that robot substitution is being promoted in the country, robots are indeed needed in the logistics industry to alleviate the problem of labor shortages in enterprises. Tmall,, Suning, etc. have gradually implemented warehouse automation operations. For many domestic logistics companies, they will also consider This choice is, after all, an alternative option from the current point of view.

Peng Yinhua, CEO of Shenzhen Wellwit Robotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wellwit Robotics) said: "The use of robots can alleviate the shortage of labor and other problems in logistics enterprises. For example, handling robots can replace trailers and forklifts to complete shelf movement and handling. Reduce the work needs of gravity workers, and at the same time release employment pressure on enterprises. "


Peng Yinhua said: "In addition, robots can also be used to achieve unmanned operation and improve operating efficiency. The reduction of warehouse operators has also reduced the incidence of worker accidents to a certain extent. In short, the reduction of warehouse staff and the reduction of management costs, It helps businesses grow more efficiently. "

At present, Wellwit Robotics has developed and sold products such as warehouse handling robots, sorting robots, and compound robots, while providing warehouse automation solutions for logistics enterprises.

From actual operational feedback, in large-scale sorting warehouses, Wellwit Robotics handling robots can replace about 50% of human work, and at the same time, warehouse operation efficiency has also been greatly improved.

In fact, modern warehousing management systems have gradually developed into the field of automation. In each link of the warehousing operation, corresponding automation equipment can be found to assist. Based on the current domestic situation, logistics companies have introduced robotics to gradually reduce the tedious single work category. People are an option.

It is about to reach Double Eleven this year. Last year's Double Eleven parcel volume exceeded 1 billion pieces. With the gradual increase of the annual parcel volume, it is becoming more and more difficult for logistics companies to rely solely on human resources to support it. From this perspective, The introduction of robots is also an inevitable development trend.

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