How much can current logistics robots reduce warehouse operating costs in China

Issuing time:2018-10-25 14:07


Since last year, the biggest change in the field of e-commerce is that many robots appear in e-commerce warehouses to operate, making the outside world feel full of technology in the e-commerce enterprise's warehouse management system. Many scenes appearing in science fiction films have become reality.

In the past, we visited the e-commerce enterprise warehouses, and all the people came and went to carry various goods. Generally, the area of e-commerce warehouses was more than 2,000 square meters. If it is a large warehouse, people move goods from east to west. It will take a few minutes. Today's change is that there are fewer and fewer people in e-commerce warehouses, and these are replaced by robots that shuttle back and forth.

Many people will be curious to what extent these robots can replace manpower or improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

Of course, if it is a small warehouse of several hundred square meters, it is more convenient to hire manpower. Once the area of the warehouse is large, it will make people feel tired to carry goods. Therefore, the introduction of robots will be more worry-free.

Peng Yinhua, CEO of Shenzhen Wellwit Robotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wellwit Robotics ) said: "The robot can work 24 hours, the overall production efficiency can be greatly improved at the same cost, and the staff can also dispatch all robots in the entire warehouse at the same time Check their working status and equipment details. "

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Peng Yinhua said: "The warehouses that are currently introduced by robots are generally large warehouses over 2000 square meters. The introduction of robots in large warehouses can show advantages. From the past examples of the application of intelligent robots, the number of labor in the intelligent warehouse model will Compared with traditional models, labor costs will be reduced by more than half, and subsequent input costs will continue to decrease. "

"The robot can maintain a 24-hour working mode, and the later cost is easy to control and stable. The equipment investment cost can generally be paid back within one year after the investment."

中国当下物流机器人能多大程度降低仓库运营成本 3.jpeg

E-commerce warehouse management can be divided into many links, including handling, sorting, warehousing, unpacking and packing, etc. Most of the work can be accomplished through equipment such as handling robots, sorting robots, laser forklifts, and compound robots.

Of course, the layout of mainstream e-commerce companies is more advanced, such as Jingdong Dongguan Mayong Sorting Center, CCTV reported that hundreds of sorting robots in the warehouse are orderly picking, scanning, and transportation. You will find through video Robots operating in e-commerce warehouses are no longer science fiction.

The application of robots in the field of e-commerce warehouses has just started in the past two years. Before the introduction of robots in Jingdong and Cainiao, the operation of e-commerce warehouses was still very traditional. Two years ago, everyone mentioned that handling robots are still very novel products. Today, The handling robot has a certain degree of product awareness in the field of e-commerce warehouses. Of course, there are still a few e-commerce companies that have introduced robots, and most of them are still watching.

Since this year, the types of robots operating in warehouses have become more diverse, such as handling robots, sorting robots, and software platform systems capable of one-stop work. In e-commerce warehouses, everything is impossible. Gradually become reality. On the whole, the operation mode of e-commerce warehouses is moving towards unmanned warehouses.

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