Express picking robot video popular, what other high-tech logistics industry

Issuing time:2018-12-07 16:06
Recently, a video of the express sorting robot became popular online, causing people to pay attention to the high-tech of the logistics industry. In the near future, drone delivery, smart counters and parcel collection will be within reach, and ordinary users will also enjoy the convenience brought by high technology.

Sorting robot

—— "Little Yellow People" in the Express Delivery Industry

In this popular video of picking robots for courier sorting, some robots equipped with orange pallets quickly shuttled, delivering pieces of parcels to designated locations to complete sorting.

According to media reports, these robots can sort and transport small packages that are less than 60 cm in length, 50 cm in width, and weigh less than 5 kg. Each scan time is within one second, the running speed can reach three meters per second, and 18,000 pieces can be sorted per hour.

In this regard, netizens commented that "as if to see a group of little yellow men" "the sweeping robot resigned to dry delivery."

快递分拣机器人视频走红 物流行业还有哪些高科技.jpg

Express picking robot operation screen. Source: CCTV News Officer Micro Video Screenshot
In terms of policy, promoting technological innovation has become an important task for the development of the express delivery industry. The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the development of the express delivery industry issued by the State Post Bureau clearly proposes that express delivery enterprises are encouraged to adopt advanced and applicable technologies and equipment to promote the development and application of robots, drones, and unmanned vehicles.

Drone delivery

-Let the package fly for a while

Delivery is another key link after sorting. Many courier companies have begun to deploy unmanned vehicles and drones in the field of logistics.

Take SF as an example. In 2013, SF started testing drones to deliver packages. According to the SF Annual Report, as of February 2017, SF Holdings has applied for 111 patents in the field of drones.

Jingdong UAV has been put into operation in Beijing, Xi'an and other places. learned from JD. As of November 2016, JD.Drones have completed a total flight time of more than 10,000 minutes, a flight mileage of nearly 10,000 kilometers, and more than 1,000 flights.

快递分拣机器人视频走红 物流行业还有哪些高科技. 2jpg.jpg drones fly in the air to deliver goods.
Previously, delivered unmanned vehicles in Yizhuang, Beijing. After the unmanned vehicle loads the goods at the distribution station, it will deliver the goods to the designated location through autonomous route planning, and notify the user to receive the goods through the Jingdong APP, mobile phone text message, etc. The user can open the warehouse by entering the pickup code before the unmanned vehicle. Receive the goods.

Mobile phone software for courier

——Real-time understanding of courier location and delivery time

If you can know the location and delivery time of the courier in real time, you can reduce the waiting time of consumers.

Yuantong has launched the "walker" mobile software. Through this software, courier can complete order grabbing, one-click scanning and call customers to send text messages. The software also supports electronic coupon printing, map navigation, and real-time query of receipt status, etc. Features.

Chinanews learned from Yuantong that the map navigation function of this software allows consumers to know the “destination” of the courier in real time, knowing the time when the courier delivers to the door, and there is no need to wait for the courier blindly as before.

Smart Express Cabinet

——Provide 24-hour self-service pickup service

A special locker has appeared in some communities in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and other cities. The courier can put the shipment in the locker, and notify the user by SMS, etc., and provide a 24-hour self-service pickup service.

At present, common intelligent express cabinets include Fengchao, No.1 cabinet, and bird boxes. With this kind of intelligent express cabinet, office workers no longer need to worry about no one at home to pick up, and the courier can also avoid running for nothing.

A citizen of Beijing told a reporter from China News Network that the community where she lived was equipped with a smart courier cabinet. As long as you entered the pickup code or scanned the QR code, you could open the cabinet to pick up the items.

“If you do n’t have time to pick it up that day, it ’s no problem to put it in for two or three days, but there will be regular SMS prompts to deal with it in a timely manner. Several of the courier boxes I have used can be bound to WeChat. It ’s easy to check the status or delivery information of the courier ."she says.

In terms of policy, the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the development of express delivery industry proposes to guide enterprises to optimize the terminal delivery method and form a multi-terminal service system such as home delivery, smart box delivery, and platform delivery.

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