Innovate your warehouse automation
Project Design

Project Design

Efficient Precise Intelligent

Rely on industry experience, combine the actual situation and needs of the enterprise to plan the layout of the warehouse
Real-time monitoring of big data, realizing manual monitoring and equipment operation, reducing labor waste and improving efficiency
Continue to create value for the enterprise, and gradually realize the construction of the full warehouse, build smart logistics and smart factories
The self-developed only equipment control system can complete the automatic opening and control of the machine by docking with the enterprise WMS and ERP system
Wellwit Robotics
2D code guided robots goods to person testing
Unmanned operation
Can realize unmanned warehouse operation, increase storage utilization area and increase inventory
Strong applicability
Low machine height, can fully adapt to most storage shelves, only need to lay the lines, and the transformation cost is low
Automatically planning the optimal path
Combining navigation and positioning, path tracking, motion control and other technologies to achieve autonomous action in an obstacle environment
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