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Wellwit Robotics: Focused on ODM/OEM services for AGV/AMR

Views: 0     Author: Wellwit Robotics     Publish Time: 2023-06-30      Origin: Site

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Wellwit Robotics is a leading company specializing in customizing mobile robots. We are committed to creating satisfactory AGV/AMR solutions for our customers, and helping them realize intelligent upgrades in logistics and manufacturing operations.


As an industry pioneer, Wellwit Robotics possessses the following core advantages to customize outstanding AGV/AMR for our clients.

Technological innovation and flexibility

We have an experienced R&D team that focuses on technological innovation and system optimization. Our solutions are highly flexible and can meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. Whether it's the chemical industry or the automotive parts industry, we can tailor AGV/AMR solutions to our customers according to their specific scenarios and technological processes.

Cases of customized application

Chemical application

In a chemical company's production line, we customized a heavy-duty AGV for them to handling and transportation the chemical products. It has a powerful load capacity and is able to safely and stably transport large containers and heavy chemical products. With advanced technologies like LiDAR SLAM autonomous navigation and accurate positioning system, the AGV can autonomously plan its path and avoid collisions, thereby improving the logistics efficiency and saving the labor costs.


Auto parts industry

In a warehouse center for the auto parts industry, we have customized the "Under Drive Lifting AGV" which are used for automated cargo handling and warehouse management. Based on advanced sensing and navigation technologies, AGVs are able to pinpoint and successfully complete material habdling task following the pre-defined paths. The system has been achieved efficient warehouse operations and inventory management which significantly improved logistics efficiency and accuracysignificantly improved logistics efficiency and accuracy by cluster scheduling and real-time monitoring.


These cases of customized application are just a part of the many successful cases provided by Wellwit Robotics to our clients. Our goal is to collaborate closely with our clients and provider the best customization products based on their specific scenarios and requirements.

One of Wellwit Robotics' differentiating advantages is its ODM/OEM services focused on warehouse robots. We help our customers achieve logistics automation, improve efficiency, and reduce costs through gaining in-depth understanding of their needs, offering flexible customized solutions, and providing high-quality products. We believe that through the application of innovative technologies and customized designs, we can assist our customers in achieving the transformation of logistics automation and bring sustainable competitive advantages to their business development.

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