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Sorting AGV:WS100-B

INS + QR Code Navigation

1. WS100-B belt sorting robot is a two-dimensional code navigation and mobile robot independently developed by Wellwit

2. Carrying capacity: ≤30kg, suitable for light load.

3. The product runs stably and efficiently. Max speed can be 1.5 m / s when unloading.

4.  Intelligent power management: preset multi-level power threshold, and charge autonomously below the threshold.

5. The unique battery compartment design can be opened for quick battery exchange.The operation time is less than 1 minute.

6. The product is based on QR code navigation, assisted by inertial navigation, and the navigation precision can reach ± 10 mm.

7. Equipped with radar to avoid obstacles and multiple safety protection of left and right emergency stop buttons.

8. Object placement infrared detection.

Basic specifications model WS100-B
name Sorting robot
Self weight 120KG(±5KG)
load 30KG
Length, width and height of vehicle body L690*W450*H870mm
Navigation mode Inertial navigation + QR code navigation
Communication mode WiFi
Debug interface Open interface
performance Driving mode Servo motor, two wheel differential drive
positioning accuracy ±10mm
Max speed (no load) 1.5m/s
Operating speed (full load) 1m/s
Charging mode Automatic charging / offline charging optional
Endurance time ≥8H
Climbing angle ≤2°
Battery Battery type Lithium battery DC48V
Battery capacity 10AH
Charging time 1.5~2H
     Battery access Battery compartment design, fast battery exchange
Battery life 500 cycles, capacity ≥ 80%
security Obstacle avoidance Front and rear radar obstacle avoidance
Emergency stop switch Support, one before and one after




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