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Safety Specifications for Mobile Robots in Industrial Applications

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Notes on referencing T/SSITS 202-2020 Safety Specification for Mobile Robots for Industrial Applications

In order to further improve service quality, consolidate our ability to serve customers with high quality, and build a digital development ecosystem of intelligent logistics, our company refers to T/SSITS 202-2020 "Safety Code for Mobile Robots in Industrial Applications" in related product R&D, production, safety and other links.

Starting from the danger source identification, safety protection levels and various safety requirements of mobile robots for industrial applications, relevant technical measures have been developed to ensure that the relevant products can efficiently serve customers in important links such as adaptability and security.

Industry standards promote the normative development of the industry

According to the survey statistics, in 2021, under the continuous impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic, China's industrial application mobile robot (AGV/AMR) market showed a faster growth than expected. In 2021, the overall sales of industrial application mobile robot (AGV/AMR) by enterprises in the Chinese market increased by 75.61% compared with 2020. Market sales reached 12.6 billion yuan (overseas sales reached 2.5 billion yuan), up 64 percent year-on-year. With the rapid growth of the market, rapid technology iteration, low product compatibility, non-standard parts supply and other problems seriously affect the healthy development of industrial robot products.

At the same time, all countries and regions in the world have relevant regulations for the import of industrial robot products. Due to the different levels of technological development and social development in different countries, the requirements for product safety certification, from the standard system of regulations, product certification scope, to the market supervision system are inconsistent, so the products are exported to different countries and regions, involving different certification standards. The key components used by AGVs/AMRs also have corresponding regulations and standards in different markets. Domestic AGV/AMR enterprises can better open the international market only if they meet the national and international standards.

As the industry leader, Jingzhi robot actively promotes the industry standard and healthy development

As a member of the Standardization Technical Committee of China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Standard Committee"), Jingzhi Robot has formulated and released 10 industrial standards in the industrial mobile robot industry until now. Jingzhi Robot has participated in the drafting of Technical Specifications for Industrial Mobile Robot Composite Robot, Terms for Industrial Mobile Robot and Safety Specifications for Industrial Mobile Robot, determined to promote the development of the industry in this field and help China's mobile robots to go global. High technology innovation, high speed development, plastic enterprise image, set industry benchmark.

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